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Dancing Girl

Monday, March 17th, 2003

Wendy gave me a fabulous birthday party on Saturday and Zelly, as usual, was the belle of the ball. She entertained us all with her dance moves, captured here, for your entertainment.
Technical note: this is a 6 Mb .avi file. Your browser will prompt you to download it to your computer. You’ll play it on windows media player, or something like it. Enjoy.

Zelly and the Pace Neemo

Monday, March 10th, 2003

“Mommy… what’s thaaaat?” Zelly asked and pointed to a spot far above our heads.
“Honey, that’s the Space Needle.”
“Ohhhh, the Pace Neemo, I see,” She stared up in wonder as we walked across the Seattle Center grounds toward the Children’s Museum. She kept twisting around so she could keep it in sight as we walked. “Mom, what’s up there?”
“Some people are up there honey, there’s a restaurant way up on the top and people are up there having dinner.”
“Ohhhhh, I wanna go up there, can we go up there Mommy?”
Wendy and I chuckled and I answered, “Maybe some other time honey, we’re going to play with the other kids, remember?”
The object of Zelly’s fascination was momentarily blocked by a building we walked around, “Mommy, where is the Pace Neemo? I can’t see it, where did it go?”
“It’s still up there, honey. See, there it is again. Ok, time to go inside and play.”


Toy Story 2

Friday, January 31st, 2003

Zelly’s watching Toy Story 2 and she knows all the characters. I came in to see how she was doing and she excitedly explained to me who was on the screen and what they were doing. Then she told me that she was Bullseye, the horse, and then added that I was Woody and Mama Honey (wendy) was Buzz Lightyear. Ha, kids are the funniest people I know.

Zelly’s Birth Story

Monday, December 27th, 1999

Zelly’s Birth Story, December 1999, by Wendy