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Back to school

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

hazel 1st day face.jpg
Hazel was about jumping out of her skin this morning, ready for third grade! Of course, having her best friend Rachel in her class (only 2 seats away!) is what she’s most excited about. Hopefully, the teacher will mind the warning we gave her (and rachel’s parents also gave!) and be on top of their chattiness quick.
This year, for the first time, we went school clothes shopping. It was a lot of fun and Hazel picked out some really cute stuff. I’ll be posting her new outfits over the next week or so. See extended post for today’s full outfit.
Zel’s other activities are starting up now too: art, girl scouts and soccer. She took art class last year and really, really enjoyed it, so we’re continuing this year (I should post her artwork from last year!). Soccer started up last week, and this year it’s 5-a-side, with goalies! She actually dove for a ball while in goal during scrimmage, but forgot to call for it, so got the ball kicked into her stomach. She shrugged it off and continued on (that’s our girl!).
For Girl Scouts, she’s a brownie again this year, and is looking forward to cookie sales, since she wants to go to camp for a whole week next summer and knows that means selling more cookies! She attended 3-day camp this summer, and was able to fully pay for it with her cookie credits. She was proud of herself, not only for being able to pay for it herself, but for spending two nights away from us, with complete strangers!
We will try to keep this space more current, but you know how life is.. it just keeps happening, even when you’re not documenting it!


Lost Tooth!

Monday, May 21st, 2007

At nearly 7.5 years old, zelly has finally lost her first tooth.
lost tooth.jpg
And here’s a fabulous close up:
lost tooth up close.jpg
Last week, she showed us that a new tooth was coming in, but her tooth wasn’t loose yet! Thankfully, the next day it loosened up (a lot!) and was out within a few days. Here, you can see the new tooth:
new tooth.jpg
Zelly put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy after the following discussion:
z: Mama, how does the tooth fairy get under my pillow?
me: well, that’s a good question! I don’t know, since I was always asleep when she came.
z: hrm. okay.
The tooth fairy left a gold dollar coin. According to zelly, some kids are getting $10 for a tooth… I guess the fairy that comes to our house is a bit more reasonable!

New Play Structure

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

We’ve been talking about getting a play structure for at least two years. Last spring, we figured out where to put one and started site prep. It only took us a year to finish the site prep and get something installed! We purchased a Rainbow structure with installation included. Due to our taking soooo long to do the site prep (hence our work over the last few weeks not being that big a deal) and Rainbow being able to complete the installation in under four hours, we were able to completely surprise Zelly! She got home from daycare and went out to a ready-for-play structure. How awesome is that?!?!
front view.jpg
Zelly checks out the clubhouse:
from right.jpg
Zelly climbs the wall:
from left.jpg
Zelly on the rope ladder:
zelly climbing.jpg
Zelly on the swing:
zelly on swing.jpg
With spring break happening next week, I expect all the neighbor kids will be over here!

Zellacious Quotes

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

And now for another installment of ‘Funny Kid Stuff’ by Zelly
Zelly, while eating a cookie:
“Mama, this isn’t a M a’M cookie, it doesn’t have M a’Ms in it. It has all these colored candy pieces with chocolate chips underneath.”
One morning, while we were having breakfast, she gave me a very serious look and asked “Mommy, why does my top lip not move and my bottom lip does?” I stared at her in amusement as my not-quite-awake brain tried to figure out what she was asking. Her upper lip was obviously moving. “Do you mean why does your bottom jaw move?” She nodded and I showed her where her jaw bone attached to her skull so she could feel it move. This led to her opening and closing her mouth in a very mechanical way several times. I have no idea what thought process brought her to that question, but I’m sure it was fascinating.
Asked while wndl and I were silently reading the paper, “Are you reading in your brains?”
Lately she been inclined to ramble on about a innumerable topics from her carseat. A few weeks ago she said to Wendy, “Mama, I wanna be a whole buncha beautiful.”
Current fave words/phrases: “whywhywhywhywhy, why?”, “fabby-lous” and “you’re freaking me out”
Holiday song choice: the Jingle Bells chorus, over and over and over again.
Alternative song choice: songs she makes up sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.
“Mama, when are your tattoos gonna come off?”
I came home the other night after a very mentally challenging work day and told Zelly I was tired and my brains were scrambled. She gave me a concerned look and zoomed in to my face. Soon she was giving me little kisses all over my forehead. “I’m helping you unscramble your brains, Mommy.”
“I can see in the darkness because I have vision in my eyes.”
Said out of extreme exasperation: “What are you thinking in your brain?!”
When she was first introduced to bon-bons, she called them “pom-poms”
One recent morning, Z sprang up from her play area in the living room and exclaimed, “I need something to put the evil science in.”
She scrambled into her room singing “Evil science, evil science, eeeev-il sciiiii-ence” and emerged with a toy cook pot. She announced with great ceremony, “This is a pot for the evil science. It’s a evil science pot.” Wendy and I exchanged amused glances throughout this performance. We don’t know where this latest goofy idea came from. I am somewhat amused at ‘evil science pot’ as opposed to the more common ‘evil science plot’.
Moments later she invited us to a tea party where she was serving ‘evil science’ on little plastic plates. “The ev-il sci-ence is ready, Mommy and Mama, come here and get some.” ‘Evil science’ consists of sponges that look vaguely like tiny farm animals, scraps of paper and little pieces of clam shell. I took a sip of air tea and a faux nibble of evil science and pronounced it ‘spicy’. Zelly nodded knowingly. Wendy was a little late to the party and had to be harangued into attendence by our hostess. I think it’s good to support our daughter in her early culinary efforts. Maybe later she’ll be cooking up evil science on a successful TV show or in a highly funded laboratory and be able to support us in our old age.
If we taped this child 24/7 we would probably end up with 6-10 hours a day of hilarious footage.
Just now she’s raging away while having an imaginary phone conversation. Listening to her pretend to be mad at her imaginary antagonist, I know exactly where she gets those phrases and attitudes — from us. This raises a question — if she’s hilarious impersonating us and using our conversations as an inspiration, why aren’t we hilarious? Maybe I should start wearing striped tights and a black tutu with a cape and blue jeweled sunglasses.

Funny stuff

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

Zelly has been making us laugh a lot lately, she’s got quite an active imagination and enough vocabulary to weave some pretty amusing stories. Last night at dinner, she pointed to my dinner and said, “Mommy, that’s a munter! There’s a munter right there!” She says this wearing a face that’s a mixture of horror-stricken and almost-laughing. There’s always a little smirk in her eyes when she’s playing an imagination game with you.
“Um, where? I don’t see any monsters.”
She pointed at the asparagus on my fork, “Right there, on your fork. I see it, it has one eye and a nose.” She struggled to make a serious face but it was a losing battle.
“This? This isn’t a monster, it’s my asparagus and I’m gonna eat it,” I ate it with a dramatic chomp and her eyes got big. “Now it’s in my tummy, no more monster.”
She often sees things in food that I don’t see. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen her animate food — partially eaten pieces of toast or fragments of carrots. She creates a whole scene, dialog and all. Zelly with two carrot pieces, “Hello, how are you? I’m good… This is the mommy and this is the baby, hello mommy. You better eat all your dinner, baby.”
This kind of conversation gets played out with her babies too, it’s very odd to hear your own words become part of a toddler’s play.
Zelly was in the yard with me last weekend, we planted daylillies and fed the worms. Zelly loves the worm box and insists that I leave it open so she can visit with all the creatures there. On this particular day, she was poking around in the box and called to me, she was very excited, “Mommy, come here, I got to show you something, come here, hurry.”
I walked toward her and she pointed at something I couldn’t see yet, “Mommy, I found a lady bug, it’s right here, come see it.” I bent down, curious to see this ‘lady bug’. She was pointing to a potato bug, one of the hordes crawling around on the open worm box lid. “Look Mom, hey Mom, it tickled me,” she giggled, finger lightly touching the many little legs. “Mom, it’s tickling me, that’s funny. ”
“Those are potato bugs, honey. See? They’re all over the place.”
“I like ‘tato bugs, mom,” she put her finger next to one, “Come here little bug, come here, on my finger. It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.”
I walked away laughing, what a kid. It wasn’t the last time she’d provide comedy that afternoon. Later, while I trimmed the fruit trees, she played with the sunflower seeds we’d put out for the squirrels. “Mom,” she said seriously, “I’m want the birds to come here and eat, it’s time for their dinner.”
“Ok, honey, but they don’t seem to be around right now and they might be scared of you.” She considered this for a moment and got a scoop of seed in her little hand, “Come here birdies, come here and eat your fooo-oood!” This continued for a few minutes, then silence again.
“Mom, I got a ‘dea (idea)…” (pause) “…Ladies and Gentlemen! Come out of your houses! Come and see this!” She was holding the seeds again, but there was obviously something else going on in her minds eye. I didn’t hear the rest of what she said cuz I was laughing too hard. “Mom, the peoples not coming out of their houses.” She seemed a bit peeved, I tried to catch my breath, “Oh, honey… (laugh)… nope, they must be busy.”
They really should have come out of their houses, though, this kid is quite the entertainer.

Zelly Signs Her Name!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Zellys Signature 20030218.jpg

Zelly was coloring a Thank You “card” for a friend at daycare who gave her a Valentine’s Gift and wanted to sign her own name. She drew the “H” and asked for help with the rest. I got one of her alphabet books, and showed her which letter to use next… and voila! Her first signature, using her “official” name even.

Three Year Check-Up Results

Thursday, January 23rd, 2003

Zelly had her annual check-up today and the results were exciting. Miss Hazel Jeanne is finally on the chart for weight as well as height. Her 24.4 lbs puts her in the 3rd percentile for weight and her height of 35 inches places her in the 5th percentile for that category.
Zelly had her first vision and hearing tests today. I think her hearing was a little impaired by congestion, but mostly she had trouble following the nurses directions. She was great with the vision test (it helps that she knows her left from her right). The vision test for kids that age is identifying shapes, rather than letters (although she’d probably do pretty well with that). Overall, the doctor was pleased with her development physically and mentally, and was quick to reassure us that her small size wasn’t a problem — something we haven’t been worried about in a long time.
For more about growth charts, here’s a good article explaining them.

Spring 2002

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

Happy spring, everybody. I’m long overdue sending out this update, but sometimes
just taking part in life takes all my time.


Zelly Has Spots!

Monday, October 8th, 2001

Yes, that’s right, chicken pox. She started showing this morning and
now is covered in red splotches. Because of the puffiness in her face
she actually looks chubby for the first time in her life.


Spring 2001

Sunday, March 18th, 2001

You experienced parents probably saw it coming. Infant turns to
toddler, parents have less time for things like email. Yes, Zelly is
officially a toddler. She started getting serious about walking late
in the week of February 19. During the earthquake she was standing in
the middle of the daycare playroom and suddenly found herself on her
diapered butt. She cried and looked around because she thought
someone had pushed her down.