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She has Arrived

Tuesday, December 28th, 1999

Well, by now all of you know that the baby has arrived. I thought
I’d drop you a line to let you know how we’re all doing.


The Angry Mushroom Baby

Monday, December 27th, 1999

mushroom head baby
Camey cheeses while Zelly gets mad because she’d rather eat than pose for more pictures.

The Puffy Hat

Monday, December 27th, 1999

Wendy and Zelly
Wendy cheeses while Zelly poses in her stylin puffy pink cap.

Zelly’s Birth Story

Monday, December 27th, 1999

Zelly’s Birth Story, December 1999, by Wendy


41 Hours Old

Tuesday, December 21st, 1999

41 hours old
Here they are, the day after her big debut. Zelly’s sucking on her fingers.
Camey’s looking great in her hospital gown.

Zelly’s First Day

Monday, December 20th, 1999

Zelly meets her Mama and it’s love at first sight.