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All Beaded Up

Sunday, March 31st, 2002

mardis gras
Wearing her fabulous Harley Davidson dress and sporting Mardi Gras beads,
Zelly is a trend-setter ready to show her daycare pals the latest in fashion.

The Big Cheese

Friday, March 15th, 2002

red shirt
Here she is, Hazel Jeanne Amorsley, aka Zelly. She’s two years old and counting, well, she sort of counts (“too, won, tree, fo, fi..”) if you count with her. Her vocabulary is growing by the moment, and she knows lots of phrases. Here are some common ones: “I nunno” (her favorite answer to any question), “Mama, ‘mon” (as she attempts to drag you from the sofa), “mo ju pee” (holding her sippy cup), “wheh aaaa you? Mama, wheh aaa you”, “I won a dattah, pee” (a dattah is a cracker). The other day she astounded us by using not only the correct pronoun but correct verb as well with “I ate dattah, Mom. I ate dattah.”
Zelly is quite left handed when it comes to drawing, ambidextrous when eating and playing. She really, really likes to draw. Crayons, markers, pencils, chalk, finger paints and magnidoodle — she’s used them all. Music is another of Zelly’s interest. She sings, dances (she’s got moves that would make an adult envious), plays her harmonica and various keyboards (thanks to certain aunts and uncles who like to buy ‘noisy’ toys 😉 ). Her favorite song right now is the alphabet song. She can almost sing the whole thing without help, and her favorite part is “LMNOP”… sometimes she’ll loop back so she can do that part again. She likes to sing with others too and usually will join in when we’re singing to the radio.
She likes to go outside and help Camey garden. This usually means that she has a little trowel in her hand as she tromps all around the yard. She isn’t intimidated by the english ivy jungle in the back, trudging through it to check the perimiter fence and peek in on the neighboring yards.
Her body isn’t growing as fast as her vocabulary and hair, but she is growing. At her last check up in February, 2002, she weighed in at 19.7 lbs and stood 32.5 inches tall. We were a little disappointed because we thought for sure she’d broken the 20 pound barrier. She probably has by now, as she’s been feeling a lot heavier lately.
Zelly’s not what you’d call a big eater, she can go for most of a day eating graham crackers and a waffle with peanut butter. She also likes mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup and eggs. She eats better at daycare than at home, probably due to the peer pressure from other kids (besides, don’t all kids behave better for other people?).
Zelly is a high energy kid in a small package, with a charming smile and lots of flirts and love for everyone. People who meet her tell us that she’s something special, funny and cute. Of course, we believe she’s the most gifted, beautiful, loving child ever produced by the human race.

Old Friends

Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

harlow and zelly
Zelly and Harlow enjoy a fun game of catch the toddler’s hand.
These two have a long history beginning just after Zelly was brought home.
They even shared accomodations for a while.

Fashion Page #1

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

striped tights
blue dress
Zelly loves her fashions and gets excited when she gets new clothes. This series of pictures takes us from coordinated winter wear (December), to the vivid colors of her striped tights and jumper ensemble (March) to the light-weight summer look of her blue dress and sandles.