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Funny stuff

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

Zelly has been making us laugh a lot lately, she’s got quite an active imagination and enough vocabulary to weave some pretty amusing stories. Last night at dinner, she pointed to my dinner and said, “Mommy, that’s a munter! There’s a munter right there!” She says this wearing a face that’s a mixture of horror-stricken and almost-laughing. There’s always a little smirk in her eyes when she’s playing an imagination game with you.
“Um, where? I don’t see any monsters.”
She pointed at the asparagus on my fork, “Right there, on your fork. I see it, it has one eye and a nose.” She struggled to make a serious face but it was a losing battle.
“This? This isn’t a monster, it’s my asparagus and I’m gonna eat it,” I ate it with a dramatic chomp and her eyes got big. “Now it’s in my tummy, no more monster.”
She often sees things in food that I don’t see. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen her animate food — partially eaten pieces of toast or fragments of carrots. She creates a whole scene, dialog and all. Zelly with two carrot pieces, “Hello, how are you? I’m good… This is the mommy and this is the baby, hello mommy. You better eat all your dinner, baby.”
This kind of conversation gets played out with her babies too, it’s very odd to hear your own words become part of a toddler’s play.
Zelly was in the yard with me last weekend, we planted daylillies and fed the worms. Zelly loves the worm box and insists that I leave it open so she can visit with all the creatures there. On this particular day, she was poking around in the box and called to me, she was very excited, “Mommy, come here, I got to show you something, come here, hurry.”
I walked toward her and she pointed at something I couldn’t see yet, “Mommy, I found a lady bug, it’s right here, come see it.” I bent down, curious to see this ‘lady bug’. She was pointing to a potato bug, one of the hordes crawling around on the open worm box lid. “Look Mom, hey Mom, it tickled me,” she giggled, finger lightly touching the many little legs. “Mom, it’s tickling me, that’s funny. ”
“Those are potato bugs, honey. See? They’re all over the place.”
“I like ‘tato bugs, mom,” she put her finger next to one, “Come here little bug, come here, on my finger. It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.”
I walked away laughing, what a kid. It wasn’t the last time she’d provide comedy that afternoon. Later, while I trimmed the fruit trees, she played with the sunflower seeds we’d put out for the squirrels. “Mom,” she said seriously, “I’m want the birds to come here and eat, it’s time for their dinner.”
“Ok, honey, but they don’t seem to be around right now and they might be scared of you.” She considered this for a moment and got a scoop of seed in her little hand, “Come here birdies, come here and eat your fooo-oood!” This continued for a few minutes, then silence again.
“Mom, I got a ‘dea (idea)…” (pause) “…Ladies and Gentlemen! Come out of your houses! Come and see this!” She was holding the seeds again, but there was obviously something else going on in her minds eye. I didn’t hear the rest of what she said cuz I was laughing too hard. “Mom, the peoples not coming out of their houses.” She seemed a bit peeved, I tried to catch my breath, “Oh, honey… (laugh)… nope, they must be busy.”
They really should have come out of their houses, though, this kid is quite the entertainer.

Zelly Signs Her Name!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Zellys Signature 20030218.jpg

Zelly was coloring a Thank You “card” for a friend at daycare who gave her a Valentine’s Gift and wanted to sign her own name. She drew the “H” and asked for help with the rest. I got one of her alphabet books, and showed her which letter to use next… and voila! Her first signature, using her “official” name even.