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The Swirling Star of Healing

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

star of healing.jpg
My beautiful and creative daughter revealed a new talent last night, a skill within the healing arts. She told me this was the Swirling Star of Healing and that if I looked at it every day, it would help to heal my owies (I had surgery, see bugsplat for the story). She said it would be especially effective on the really ugly one near my belly button. She assured me that it would work in the sun and if it rained.
Today when she came home, she asked to see my tummy. I lifted my shirt and told her that everything looked about the same as it had this morning. She was disappointed, “I thought the Healing Star would work on that owie.”
I told her it had worked, that I’d had a great day and that owies took time to heal, but it would take less time now that I had a Healing Star.

Zelly Bunny

Sunday, April 10th, 2005

easter bunny zelly.jpg
Here’s Zelly, doing her best Easter Bunny impression. As a bit of insight into her personality, here’s a snippet of conversation between her and I.
Her Mama and a friend were talking at the dining room table, hushing her interruptions. She drifted over to me, in the living room and said, “Mommy, I’m bored.”
“I get bored when people don’t pay attention to me.”
As if that wasn’t obvious already. She is a perfectly pint-sized drama queen. Lately she’s been quoting from her favorite movies (including the latest, a Mary Kate and Ashley video) and walking about with a dramatic air reminiscent of an aging film star.
She is, indeed, ready for her close up.