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Another Big Milestone

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

She’s a kindergartener now.
Can you tell she’s a little excited?
Hazel gets friendly with the Piano Snake.
Mrs. Spohn leads Hazel’s kindergarten orientation group through an activity. Meanwhile, the parents got to sit in tiny chairs and fill out paperwork… and then we had to unbend our knees and stand up again.
A few days ago Zelly expressed some nervousness about starting school. She was worried because she didn’t know how to write very well, didn’t know how to spell words or read. She was also worried that she wouldn’t know anyone and no one would want to play with her. We reassured her that Mrs. Spohn would teach her the things she didn’t know. We reminded her that everytime she went to the playground, she had friends within minutes, why should kindergarten be any different? Since that discussion, she hasn’t said a thing about being nervous. Today her face shone with excitement and she seemed ready to take on the world.
You go, girl!