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Hazel and Mommy Day

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

Not long ago, Hazel and her Mommy spent the day together. They had a leisurely morning and then headed out on the highway for Tacoma. They parked at the Tacoma Dome transit center and rode the Link to where Mommy works. Now Hazel knows what Mommy does every morning. Oh, and before they got on the Link, they went to a coffee shop to get coffee for Mommy and hot chocolate with whipped cream for Hazel.
They hung out at work for a while and Hazel played some games on Mommy’s laptop. They were going to meet a friend for lunch, but the friend couldn’t get away from work. Poor friend, she missed out. Hazel and Mommy left the office and got back on the Link, riding it to another stop where they got out to have lunch. Lunch was very yummy and there was an activity sheet and crayons for Hazel. They had a long leisurely lunch before hopping on the Link to ride back to the parking garage.
They arrived home soon after and had a nice leisurely nap (are you sensing a theme?) to rest up for the next activity: going up a climbing wall. It was the first time for both of them. The climbing helper at the YMCA was very nice and patient and explained the gear for both of them. Hazel was a bit nervous after watching some big kids climb all the way to the top. Mommy told her that she didn’t need to climb that far, and she calmed down after that. Hazel made two climbs of about 7-8 feet each and Mommy climbed to the top.
All in all it was a wonderful and leisurely day.