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New Play Structure

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

We’ve been talking about getting a play structure for at least two years. Last spring, we figured out where to put one and started site prep. It only took us a year to finish the site prep and get something installed! We purchased a Rainbow structure with installation included. Due to our taking soooo long to do the site prep (hence our work over the last few weeks not being that big a deal) and Rainbow being able to complete the installation in under four hours, we were able to completely surprise Zelly! She got home from daycare and went out to a ready-for-play structure. How awesome is that?!?!
front view.jpg
Zelly checks out the clubhouse:
from right.jpg
Zelly climbs the wall:
from left.jpg
Zelly on the rope ladder:
zelly climbing.jpg
Zelly on the swing:
zelly on swing.jpg
With spring break happening next week, I expect all the neighbor kids will be over here!