Zelly, Friend of Worms

I got started on a walkway project today with a little help from our Junior Gardener. I was digging up grass and Zelly was patrolling for worms.
“Mommy, tell me if you see some wormies, ok? Do you see any wormies yet? Tell me if you see any mom… Mommy! There’s a wormie, can I pick him up?”
“Sure, honey, just be careful, wormies are our friends.”
The airlift project continued and the worms were placed carefully with the potted plants while Zelly reassured them, “Don’t worry wormies, I will help you. Look, Mommy another wormie! Mommy, I am resecuing the wormies because I’m Resecue Girl! Yay, yay, I’m the hero!” She then broke into spontaneous song about Resecue Girl and the wormies, all of whom were heroes.
She also helped load sod clumps into the wheelbarrow, “Mommy, this one is heavy but I am stronger!” This kid is never far away when there is dirt to be dug.
We finished up by planting some purple and orange pansies and some marigolds and then headed inside to clean up and get ready for dinner. I know someday it won’t be as cool to hang out with ol’ mom and work in the yard, I just hope that doesn’t happen for a long time.

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