The Playhouse

This is the playhouse that Shannon and Zelly built. It’s made of cardboard, hot glue and pure, sweet magic.

Our friend Shannon came over Saturday with a partially constructed cardboard playhouse. She needed Zelly’s help on final specifications. Where would the door go? How about the windows? What kind of windows did she want? Zelly and Shannon worked on the project for hours, giggling and having fun the whole time. Wendy and I got involved during the decoration stages and lent extra hands when the castle-top was put into place.
Zelly is a superstar peeking out one of her playhouse windows.
Shannon and Zelly inspect the finished project.
Zelly checks out the action from inside her new favorite place to play.

2 Responses to “The Playhouse”

  1. Terri Stewart says:

    Shannon and Zelly –
    You built a beautiful castle. Have fun playing in it. Is there a magic inside?
    Shannon’s Mom

  2. Boyd says:

    Looks like fun. Maybe we could try this sometime.