the world according to Zelly

In the wonderful world of Zelly, ordinary objects are given new names and new verbs are born:
‘vanilla wafers’ become microwaves.
Red has lost it’s identity and become ‘my favoriter color’
Lawn mowing is ‘lawn mowering’
using a screw driver becomes ‘screwdrivering’

One morning at breakfast:
“Zelly, do you have freckles?”
She nods.
“Where do you have freckles?”
She points vaguely at the growing herd that starts at one cheekbone, rambles across the bridge of her nose and onto the other cheekbone.
“Do I have freckles?”
She looks at my face and nods. “How many do I have?”
“Um… one… (looking, looking) … two.”
I laugh,” Just two? Are you sure?”
“Yes (counting again), one, two.”
I guess that could be right, maybe all my multitudes of freckles have finally merged into just two.

2 Responses to “the world according to Zelly”

  1. dawn c says:

    Cam i have yet had time to sit down and read a-lot of the things that you write due to not having a computer at home. but now that i have one, i have been reading the little stories that you write and i wanted to let you know that your writing is fantastic. you realy should consider writing a book. the things that you write always but a smile on my face!

  2. buggy says:

    ahhh, thanks hon. I have considered writing a book, or several actually. I guess laziness is getting in my way. That and a lack of focus… I need to choose *what* I’m going to write that book about.