On Marriage and Pickled Peppers

Zelly and I had an interesting conversation about marriage this evening. It was a bit rambling and inconclusive, as conversations with 3.5 year olds often are. She was talking about how much she liked various people in her life, including her friend Jesse and her cousin Cole and she said something about boys only marrying girls. I said, “really?” She didn’t really respond to that question, having already moved on. “And I want to marry you, Mommy.”
“Hm… well, you can’t marry me”
“Why not?”
“I’m already married to your Mama, she’s my Honey. Just like Kathy Jo and Marcy (Jesse’s moms) are married. But you can marry somebody else, a boy or a girl, when you get bigger.”
“I want to marry two boys, Jesse and Cole… ” thinks for moment longer, “I want to marry three boys” here she painstakingly holds up three fingers, “Jesse and Cole and Boppa (grandpa).”
“Oh, is that what you’re going to do?”
“Uh-huh, yes I will.”
“Ok, well, when you get older. Right now you’re still too young to get married.”
A moment of silent thought and then a nod,” Ok, when I get older I will get married.”
And no, I have no idea where this subject came from. We were over at Kathy Jo and Marcy’s for much of the day, and she played with Jesse and they had a great time but I’ve never heard her talk about the subject of marriage before.
And for further amusement, this evening I was treated to Zelly’s interpretation of common nursery rhymes. We have a book of nursery rhymes that I occasionally read from at bedtime. I let her choose 3 or 4, since they’re so short. Tonight after I read her selections, she wanted to keep the book and keep her lamp on for a bit so she could read them. As I walked away from her room I heard something like this: “He picked the peckled pippers and put them in the basket and how many pickled pippers did he pick? … see how they run, three bind mice, thee bind mice, see how they run … and the pickled pickled peppers all got picked… and the cow jumped over the moon and the dish ran away… with the spoon and we don’t know where they went, they ran away togethers…”
heh, now, that’s entertainment.

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