Zelly at 3.75

Zelly’s closing in on 4 years old and acting every bit the teenager she’s going to be 9-10 years from now. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not asking for the car yet. She has, however, mastered the exasperated sigh. She uses it whenever we can’t understand what she’s saying. She’ll be telling us about her day, for instance, and use some word we don’t understand. She’ll repeat it and if we still don’t get it, she’ll repeat it louder — not that it becomes clearer that way. Finally, she’ll give up with a loud sigh and shake of her head. “Parents”, she seems to be saying,”How do they get so dumb?”

That’s not to say she’s given up all her little girl ways. She still likes to snuggle with us in the morning and she’s become an expert at butterfly kisses. Yesterday, while we were on the couch, she got on the other end and said, “Let’s tickle our feet together, Ok?”
She has very definite ideas about fashion these days and loves to wear dresses and tights. She’s also at home with outragous color combinations and loves to match flower-patterned pants with differently patterned shirts.
homeyZ8-16-03 (2) sm.JPG
Of course, she’s always cool, that’s a given.

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