Strawberry Shortcake

Zelly is a child of many voices, and I’m not just talking loud or quiet, screechy or sweet. When she’s playing, she becomes an ensemble, providing voices for all the characters, seen and unseen, animate and inanimate. Perhaps due to her exposure to animation, even the furniture can have personalities and distinct voices.
Her Uncles Wayne and Marvin (mostly Marvin), gave her this plastic monstrosity — ahem, I mean — this Strawberry Shortcake playset, for christmas. Once she liberated it from it’s packaging, she discovered that the little dolls weren’t included. There was disappointment but it didn’t last very long. That’s when the inanimate objects became the characters in her fictional morning drama. She not only had low, medium and high range voices, she was adding all kinds of affects and something that even sounded like the Good Witch Glenda. She has played with that set for hours today and doesn’t seem fazed by the lack of dolls. Ahhh, the glories of a child’s imagination.

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