Four Months Old

Although it will be a week until we visit the ped., we know she’s
growing by the clothes she can no longer wear. We’ve retired the
smallest preemie clothes and are on the verge of putting some more
away — another inch and she’ll be too long. Of course, we’re happy
she’s growing but it’s sad to see those cute little outfits put away.
Oh, well, on to other cute outfits — and she’s got plenty.

Zelly is showing what a smart girl she is lately. She can get her
fingers into her mouth when she wants — one thumb, a thumb and some
fingers, a thumb from each hand, etc. It’s funny to watch how serious
she is about it but I guess this is her job now. Her vision is
improving rapidly. She can track things a couple of feet away and
responds to facial expressions. It’s pretty easy to get her to smile
now with a combination of facial expressions and a ‘smiling voice.’
We’ve gotten her some infant visual training toys and she really likes
them… until she’s had enough stimulation and needs a break. A
soccer teammate of mine gave us a book of babies with different facial
expressions — Zelly really likes it.
We are starting to have ‘conversations’, too. I mimic her noises back
to her. Sometimes it takes her a moment to realize what’s happening
but when she does she gets excited and we go back and forth for
several minutes. She really likes silly noises — raspberries,
clicking noises and other goofy stuff. Of course, maybe she’s just
manipulating me into being a dork for her own entertainment. I don’t
mind, it is a job I’m well suited for.
Speaking of jobs , I’m getting ready to go back to mine.
Monday the 24th is my first day back. Zelly will go to Lisa Ponds’
house during the day. We had a trial run this week, on Monday and
Tuesday, while I attended training. Zelly had a great time and so did
Lisa and her kids. Lisa and her partner are foster parents to special
needs kids and they all just love babies. They live in a neighborhood
with lots of kids and stay at home moms. It’s a really good situation
and we feel pretty luck to be able to have her watch Zell.
So my days as a stay-at-home-mom are ending. I liked it more
than I thought I would. Meaning that I thought I’d miss the hustle
and bustle of work more, but I didn’t. If I could collect my paycheck
and stay at home with Zelly I would. That not being the case, I’ll go
back with as much grace as possible knowing that she’s in good hands
when she’s not in ours.
Photos! We’ve got two rolls to send in and as soon as we get
them back you’ll have lots more pics to look at on the website. She’s
just getting cuter all the time and smarter and bigger and… . Whenever we got anywhere she gets so much attention,
it just fuels my ego.

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