Zelly Has Spots!

Yes, that’s right, chicken pox. She started showing this morning and
now is covered in red splotches. Because of the puffiness in her face
she actually looks chubby for the first time in her life.

She’s been in pretty good spirits throughout the early stages of the
pox, sleeping more than usual and eating less, but in a great mood
when she’s awake.
Other news: she’s about 31 inches tall now which means she’s got to
duck to walk under the dining room table. She’s still got that long
thin physique – we think she may be closing in on 20 lbs finally. At
21 months, she’s wearing mostly 12 month clothes. The pants are
generally long enough but the waists are a tad large still, we have to
shrink them up a bit to keep them from falling off.
Zelly is showing some signs of being a lefty. She tends to draw with
her left hand (see the newest picture on the website). She’ll eat
with both but is a bit more sure handed with her fork on the left
She’s a real talker now, mostly her own language with a smattering of
English. Some favorite words: no, uh-oh, oh no, baby, thank you,
hello, ni-ni (night-night), bye-bye, hi. She signs ‘please’ and
‘more’. She’s also very clear with mommy and mama now and uses mom
alot. She says “mommmm” whenever she wants the adult in the room to
pay attention to something she’s doing or pointing out. She says
uh-oh when the phone rings, or the door or gates are left open, or if
she is playing with the remote and turns the TV off. She’s got the
cutest little girl voice. She barks like a little puppy when ever she
sees or hears a dog barking. She meows like the cats when she hears
them meowing. She’s an incredibly good mimic (so beware if you are
visiting with her, she’s got her antennae out).
Zelly is quite the popular girl at daycare. She was invited to a
birthday party recently (we had a previous engagement) and when I
called to RSVP, the mom was very aware of who Hazel was. Apparently
all the kids love her and talk about her to their parents. We’ve been
at Costco and had people come up and say, ‘Hello, Hazel’.
She loves to color with the crayons that grandpa got for her and we
have to watch to make sure she mostly colors paper, rather than
everything else at hand. She has a baby doll that she is very sweet
with – kisses, hugs, feeding with a tiny bottle (often in the eye, I’m
not sure why). Oh, and the kisses, she is quite a good kisser now –
no tongue action anymore, just sweet little smackers on the cheeks or
She likes to put on her socks and shoes, sometimes even on the
correct foot. If her shoes and socks aren’t handy, she’ll use ours.
She hasn’t bitten anyones toes lately but she’s still pretty foot
oriented – she loves to have her feet rubbed when we’re settling down
for quiet time.

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